Enhance C12 Carbon Violin Bow - 4/4

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The C12 Enhance range of carbon fibre bows are modern in material and design - truly a class above.

The C12 from‚ frog to tip:

Stamped: Enhance C12

Frog: Traditional ebony, fully mounted with nickel silver and embellished by the regal‚ eye. Abalone pearl adorns the slide.

Screw:‚The screw made of one piece button and stainless steel shaft. Very strong and resilient to human hands.

Colour: Behold the higher carbon content by the black matt lustre of the stick and note the fusion at the head.

Stick: Advanced carbon technology introducing a much higher carbon fibre content to epoxy ratio. This leads to a higher tensile strength and increased stick resonance causing less filtering of upper frequencies and more clarity.

The improvement in sound is a treasure to explore along with better articulation across all the bow techniques string players are tasked with.

The solid Nickel silver screw feeds into the end of the stick via a specially designed metal insert and nipple. This allows perfect tracking of the shaft through the brass islet in the mortice. Whilst this is quite a technical description, it provides an indication of how difficult this is to produce.

Careful engineering provides longevity to the bows' mechanical parts that is simply not available in wooden bows. Many of you will know that eyelets wear out and it is a nuisance to have them replaced. This task is almost eradicated by the design of this bow!

Tip: The tip of the bow has a full nickel silver face plate (not plastic like many standard carbon bows) that, as well as enhancing the appearance of the bow, provides reinforcement of the head. This makes re-hairing the bow and fitting the wedge a more exact and safe procedure for the integrity of the head. Thankfully the C12 bow can be re-haired time and time again without concern for parts breaking down.

Lapping: The stick lapping is nickel silver with a thumb piece made from 0.6mm thick kangaroo leather.
Why use kangaroo leather? Kangaroo is a very supple leather and perfect for good grip forming evenly around the stick. It is also in abundance and its use is responsible given government culling programs. The kangaroo population is huge and around double the Australian human population. The colour of the leather varies.


- Type: Violin Bow
- Size: 4/4

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