Dorfler #24 Pernambuco Wood Master Cello Bow - 4/4

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For experienced, demanding musicians playing at the highest level. First-class pernambuco stick, 30 years of storage and dried. Excellent elastomechanic qualities. Genuine silver-mounted. Only selected pernambuco sticks are used for Dorfler Master Bows, which are crafted and manufactured with a master's expertise. They are decorated with beautiful engravings and unique inlays, making every bow one of a kind.

Stamped: *EgidiusDorfler***

Key details:

  • First class pernambuco stick
  • Round or octagon
  • Horn or mammoth frog
  • Single or Parisian eye
  • Three-part button with eye
  • Silver wire winding

Instrument: Cello (note: Dorfler #24 violin bow pictured as a representation only)

Size: 4/4

Made in Germany by Dorfler.

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